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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I begin? 

To begin the application process, select a user name and password that you will remember. Your user name and password may not be the same. For future reference, write down your username and password. You will need these the next time you visit the site to check the status of your application or to apply for another position. 

What information will I be asked to provide? 

You will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, address, and phone number. You will also be asked to provide information about your education and employment history, job skills, and personal references contact information. Please gather this information before beginning the application process.

Applicants for faculty and other positions will be asked to submit additional materials. Refer to the instructions included in the posting. You may be asked to submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, transcript copies, a statement that describes your teaching philosophy, and evidence of quality teaching (i.e. student evaluation data, performance evaluations or references from those who have observed your teaching are most commonly submitted). It is important that you submit your application materials in accordance with the instructions.

What if I have already submitted an application to UMHB?

If you have already created an application using this online employment system, return to the Home page, click on the Login link, and enter your user name and password. Click on "My Dashboard" to edit or verify your existing Candidate Profile, apply for additional UMHB positions or review the status of positions to which you have applied. (Changes made to your application will not become part of any application(s) that you have already submitted.) 

Do I have to fill out an application? 

Everyone who applies for a position is required to create a profile as the first step in the employment application process. Additional application materials may be required. Review the position posting for application instructions. Your application will not be complete until you have attached all required documents and submitted the required materials. In some instances, the more information you provide, the easier it will be to effectively evaluate your skills, abilities and qualifications. 

How do I save my application? 

Your Candidate Profile is automatically saved each time you click "Next" or "Submit." You can easily complete your Candidate Profile at a later time by logging back in, clicking on "My dashboard," and then "Complete Candidate Profile."

What if I want to submit supporting documents such as a cover letter, resume or CV? 

You will be able to submit supporting documents such as a cover letter, resumé or CV each time you apply for a position. Instructions will advise you when and how to attach these documents.  Please note that attaching a resumé or CV is not a substitute for completing the application form.

Can I copy selected information from another electronic document?

Yes, you can. For example, you can copy and paste the information from a Word or WordPerfect document directly into the appropriate fields in the application form.

Questions about the new application system

I have applied for a position with UMHB in the past.  How do I apply for a different position?

If you wish to apply for a currently posted position on or after February 2, 2015, please complete the new online employment application. Browse open positions now.

I submitted an application for a job that is currently open. Do I need to submit a new application on the new system?

If you have already submitted an employment application for a job which is currently posted on our website, no further action is required;  your current employment application will remain on file until that position is filled.

I submitted an application for a job that is no longer listed on the site, can I view or update my application?

If you previously submitted an employment application for a job which is no longer posted on our website, that document is no longer available.  If you are interested in applying for another job, please click here to submit a new employment application.